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In order to optimize supply chain operation efficiency both internally and at our suppliers Winsson established this "SCM Portal".  It is our hope that through this platform we can enhance the level of e-commerce between Winsson and our supplier partners, thereby bringing efficiency benefits to all participants.
System Functionality
Facilitate transmission of purchase orders, timely notifications, supplier acknowledgments, supplier confirmation, requests for quotation, shipment notices, and invoice reconciliation statements.
The subscription to the SCM portal website is provided to the supplier free of charge.  There are no online system fees to be paid by suppliers.  The mode of transaction is the same as before.  All procurement transactions will be conducted using this SCM portal website in order to implement the green environmental policy of going 100% paperless.
Using this transaction system can assist your company and Winsson to: improve purchase order handling efficiency, elevate effective purchase order control, reduce supplier shipping costs, improve IT performance level, optimize internal operations and other intangible benefits.
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